Exploring Film Masterpieces

Welcome to Exploring Film Masterpieces. I am Edmund Bertram, film enthusiast. I am a Christian who believes in the prophetic value of all of the arts. To this end, I watch movies understanding that the makers of the film, whether they realize it or not, are gifted by the Triune God to share a message to the world that has originated from God. Undoubtedly, because of the fall and the fact that most people in the arts do not know God or understand that their talents are prophetic gifts these messages are tainted and often difficult to discern because of the sinful influence also evident. Nevertheless, the gift is there; the divine is there. My purpose for this website is to share my love of film and to seek out the prophetic in it with you, my readers.

Every Tuesday, I plan to post a review of a classic film (I refer more to quality than to age when I use the word “classic” as I will review films from all periods of cinematic history) where the goal is to highlight the prophetic of that movie. I will also post a themed list each Thursday that will give you ideas of what you may want to watch next.

As a Bible-believing follower of Jesus, I take sin seriously and do not want to condone or dismiss the destructiveness of it. I am broad, even liberal with films I watch as I do not believe that experiencing something that depicts sinful acts equates supporting the actions. I will make that abundantly clear in the reviews I will post on Tuesdays. Having said this, I also take seriously the fact that every person is vulnerable to temptations from very different triggers. Because of this, I will provide warnings with each film I review (and in lists when applicable) that I will call “stumble alerts,” because I am confident that it is not sin to watch the material, but it could trigger temptations for some people that I do not want to encourage.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope to have fruitful and live dialogue through this site. Thank you for commenting and for in me in my exploration of film masterpieces.





2 thoughts on “Exploring Film Masterpieces”

    1. Thank you Jeyna. The first post is up now; I hope you’ll visit again and enjoy it. Thank you again for visiting and commenting.



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